AH to go Cup Design contest (#Inktober)

Illustrating is a big part of my life. Therefore #Inktober isn’t really any different from other months. I draw every single day (doodles included). But this time I was tagged several times in an illustration competition held bij AH to go. After the fourth time a friend tagged me to participate in this competition, I thought: why the hell not? 

The competitions winner, gets free coffee for a whole year and his/her design on the AH to Go cup for one month. A bit unfortunate: I wont be there next year, because I’ll leave to Spain in February for my internship (not really a bad excuse, I know)!

This year year the early starting fall was a blessing in disguise: I felt all wintery and when I feel that way, I need warm drinks, quality time with roommates and lightened candles. It needs to be cosy in order to survive this season. Feeling that way, inspired me  creating my illustration for the AH coffee cup Challenge.

To win this competition, one needs to create a design on the AH to Go coffee cup, and post it at Instagram using the hashtag #mycuptogo. After that Ah to Go will choose the three best designs. Those who get the most likes wins.

That’s the part of this competition I really dont like: I get the idea of media attention, but I do not like it when it’s at the expense of design.

Still hoping to win though! 

Scroll down to see my design!



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