Summer Feeling, water splashing 🏄🏼‍♀️

Last weekend my friends and I went to a water ski place near Utrecht, to experience some wet’n wild water sports. Unfortunately  I had an accident two weeks ago, causing back and muscle pain. So I had to drop down near the water and watch them had fun. Sad 😦 ! 

No, not sad at all! Because seeing my friend having fun and failing at water sports was a perfect moment to take some sopping shots!

As the weather got darker, my friends nerves began to grow. But when we arrived the nerves were gone and hesitation to jump in cold dark water wasn’t even there at all. The just did it! (proud!) (see some failure photos down here:)



There was also a group of (semi) professionals on their boards, doing practicing tricks while they were almost dancing on water. It Looked so easy! But it isn’t that easy for sure, my friends can tell. It’s amazing to see how relaxed and easygoing those guys were practicing their favorite sports! (see a picture down here:)

The guy in the blue wetsuit was some sort of testing/trying/bowing his board. Like a warming up or something. (Can’t really tell because I know nothing about this sport!). The man around the guy are watching him, ready for take off. (the man in the picture right is someone else!)

I took pictures at sports before, like soccer. But this was photographing on a whole new level. You have to bee quick, catch the situation with your eyes and then through the lens. Out of 300 photo’s I like the one with the guy in the blue suit the best. It tells something. I find it hard to describe in English, but it just does.

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