One-day photo-course in Amsterdam with amazing results! πŸ“·

With the camera I got also came a voucher for a one-day photo-course in Amsterdam. I was struggling with some technical details/options from my camera so I decided to apply for the course that was organized that same weekend. It was cold and snowy outside and I was a little irritated. How was I supposed to take some nice pictures with snowflakes whirling around, getting my camera wet and all? Well, as soon as I got off the train in Amsterdam, the irritated feeling disappear.

I love Amsterdam when it’s covered in fresh white snow. It’s cosy and especially funny: typical Dutch people, way to stubborn to get off their bikes and therefore sliding down the street with heavy packing, two persons andΒ only one bike. But hey, we are used to it!

When I arrived at the Fotovakschool (the school that organized the course) we were taken to a place where a photographer gave a presentation about some technical settings and optics. After that we were ready to go out and practice! Carefully walking up a slippery bridge covered in snow to take some catchy pics. And there, in the middle of the sidewalk, a woman walked towards me. In a stunning, colorful and happy outfit! She wore a green trenchcoat and carried a yellow umbrella to protect her from snow:

She really made my day!




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