How it all started (photography)

It’s only 5 months ago that I took my first poetic/pretty/summery/award winning picture!
And it all started after a heavy (drinking) but amazing night by the fire with friends…

With my head still pounding from the drinking the night before, I try dragging myself out of bed. I walk towards my window to open it. The sun doesn’t shine very bright that day, but the weather feels soft and warm. While I bend my head over trying to breath in some fresh air, I look down. And as I look down I see my two roommates from one floor down relaxing and sleeping off their hangovers. (It might sound obscure or grim, but it actually looked beautiful, you’ll see the result later!)

Seeing those girls lying there, trying to get rid of their hangover and enjoying the sun, I didn’t doubt one second, took the camera and snap! A perfect summery and romantic feeling was captured. Proud as one can be I show the picture to my family. My Grandma replies: “Wow Rosa, You really should send it in somewhere!” And that’s wat I did.

One month later I received an email from NRC (A Dutch newspaper, that happened to organize a photo contest the month before using the theme “Relaxation”) with a happy message: “Rosa, congratulations! You won the photo contest. Can I call you back in a few days to interview you?” Interview? Me? Well of course! After that my picture appeared in the sunday edition and in the culture edition and I won a camera. And that’s how it al started! Love it.

Want to see the article? (It’s in Dutch!)


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