Experiment: Disposable Cameras!

I’ve practiced a lot with my new SLR but I wanted something new. Maybe something old school, something with imperfections. That’s when I decided to take pictures with a disposable camera.

Me being Born in 1993 means I’m from the analogue era so What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb. Isn’t it?! I remember using those kind of camera’s when I was 10 years old, trying to be fashionable with friends, documenting the action with a 4 euro disposable camera. Loved those times (I think some of us remember, right?). 

(scroll down for rest of this writing piece!)


So I bought one once again and started taking snaps as soon as I got of my bike, in to the city centre. Immediately I figured out why I would still love it today: I noticed that I was photographing more careful, more mindful and more focussed. You’ve only got one chance to take the right pic and therefore it forces you to actually look more specific at the situation you’re about to catch, instead of taking 10 pics and select the most pretty ones afterwords. 

And I think THAT’S the skill it takes to become a great photographer. 

Every time I take pictures, I send them my mom or put them on my Instagram. My mom loves my pictures. I actually think that by winning the photo contest I earned some trust because a few months later she gave me her analogue SLR.  “On LOAN, she said with an emphasizing tone”

On loan, don’t care! I’m very happy I can even use it!

Have I already tried to take some nice snaps with the SLR? Sadly, not jet! But I’m planning on that next week.

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