This is a story, captured in watercolor pictures. No words needed. That’s what I love about pictures and illustrations: they can tell you a story without using any words. They can leave you feeling happy, down of maybe inspired



VLOG for Nederlands Film Festival

A few students  who

study Communication & Multi Media Design were asked by the Nederlands Film Festival (Dutch Film Festival) to vlog about several activities the Nederlands Films Festival 2017 offered. I was too! My friend, Julia and I decided to vlog about a vlog-workshop (vlog-ception! haha!) …

For those who only speak English, I’m sorry, this vlog is in Dutch only!


Sunday Strolls

Almost every Sunday, or at least two Sundays a month, my roomies and I will go for a nice Sunday stroll. This way we find ourselves escaping great cities hustle and bustle. Just to bring the minds in ease. And while we’re rolling and strolling, we like to take pictures too. I’ll show you some:


Those were taken early October. Leaves were still green but slowly turning yellow/gold.
One month later, nature turned yellow, temperature was low and the winds were stone-cold. It was beautiful! the pics I’ll show next, are taken by my roommate Feike, and I did some editing. Look!




AH to go Cup Design contest (#Inktober)

Illustrating is a big part of my life. Therefore #Inktober isn’t really any different from other months. I draw every single day (doodles included). But this time I was tagged several times in an illustration competition held bij AH to go. After the fourth time a friend tagged me to participate in this competition, I thought: why the hell not? 

The competitions winner, gets free coffee for a whole year and his/her design on the AH to Go cup for one month. A bit unfortunate: I wont be there next year, because I’ll leave to Spain in February for my internship (not really a bad excuse, I know)!

This year year the early starting fall was a blessing in disguise: I felt all wintery and when I feel that way, I need warm drinks, quality time with roommates and lightened candles. It needs to be cosy in order to survive this season. Feeling that way, inspired me  creating my illustration for the AH coffee cup Challenge.

To win this competition, one needs to create a design on the AH to Go coffee cup, and post it at Instagram using the hashtag #mycuptogo. After that Ah to Go will choose the three best designs. Those who get the most likes wins.

That’s the part of this competition I really dont like: I get the idea of media attention, but I do not like it when it’s at the expense of design.

Still hoping to win though! 

Scroll down to see my design!




What I like the most is carrying around those funny and chirpy illustrations on personalized canvas bags: Kekbag!

Wouldn’t you love to get one too? All illustrated by me, and printed on eco-friendly Fair trade canvas bags.


aye mate bagtastekstcrabfinkekbagVLIEGENBAGAlice tas